April 13, 2023

By Chris Deane

3 Reasons why Google Posts are important

Optimising your Google Business Profile listing is crucial for improving your local search visibility. Despite the significant impact that Google Posts can have on local search visibility, many businesses tend to overlook this aspect of their online presence. Here are three key reasons why Google Posts should not be ignored:

  1. Google Posts increase organic web traffic and enhance organic performance in any industry. By providing valid backlinks to your website, they can increase web traffic. Adding a call-to-action (CTA) button further increases the chances of your goal being achieved.
  1. Google Posts have higher conversion rates. With increased web traffic comes a higher probability of conversions. The CTA button on Google Posts encourages your audience to visit your website, and once they perform an action there, it’s considered a successful conversion.
  1. Google Posts is essential Google Business Profile ranking factors if used appropriately. They also contribute to better Google Business Profile signals. By regularly updating your Google Business Profile, such as responding to reviews, answering question, and publishing Google Posts, you’re helping your listing rank higher than your competitors. Google Posts are particularly effective at increasing your online visibility on Google Search and Maps.

Best practices to optimise your Google Posts:

  1. Follow grammar standards based on your location
  2. Include a call-to-action (CTA) button in every post
  3. Publish at least one Google Post per week
  4. Include an image in your post (recommended size is 400×300 px, but it can go up to 1000×1000 px)
  5. Keep your Google Posts brief and to the point
  6. Utilise the first 100 characters of your post effectively since anything beyond that will be hidden behind a ‘read more’ link.