July 25, 2023

By Chris Deane

The importance of benchmarking your Google Business Profile against competitors

One of the most effective ways to enhance your online visibility and reputation is by claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile. However, merely setting up your profile is not enough. To stay ahead in the competitive landscape, it’s essential to continuously monitor and improve your performance. This is where benchmarking your Google Business Profile against competitors comes into play.

What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking involves measuring your company’s performance against your competitors. It provides valuable insights identifies areas for improvement. When applied to your Google Business Profile, benchmarking can offer a clear perspective on how well you are faring compared to your rivals in the online marketplace.

Enhancing Your Visibility and Search Rankings

Google’s search algorithms take into account various factors when determining search rankings. Having an optimised Google Business Profile can positively impact your local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts. Benchmarking your profile against competitors helps you uncover the reasons behind their higher search rankings. It could be due to keyword usage, better customer engagement, or more frequent updates to their profile. Once you identify these key factors, you can incorporate them into your profile to enhance your online visibility and boost your chances of appearing in search results.

Improving Customer Experience

Your Google Business Profile is often the first point of contact between potential customers and your business. Therefore, it should be treated as an extension of your brand. By comparing your profile with your competitors’, you can gain insights into the kind of information they provide to customers. This information can include contact details, operating hours, website links, product catalogs, Google posts and much more. By aligning your profile with customer expectations and best practices, you ensure a consistent and positive user experience.

Nurturing Brand Reputation

Online reviews play a pivotal role in shaping a company’s reputation. By benchmarking your Google Business Profile’s review ratings and content against competitors, you can gauge how well you are meeting customer expectations. Positive reviews build trust and credibility, while addressing negative reviews demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. Regularly benchmarking your reviews against your competitors can motivate you to maintain a stellar reputation and continually improve your offerings.

Staying Agile and Adaptive

Industry trends and customer preferences are constantly evolving. By consistently benchmarking your Google Business Profile, you keep on top of changes in your industry and among your competitors. This knowledge allows you to remain agile and adaptive, making timely adjustments to your profile and overall digital marketing strategy.

Benchmarking your Google Business Profile against competitors is not just a one-time exercise; it is a continuous process that requires ongoing work to keep on top of the game.